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Starting up and successfully running a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) in today’s environment is both rewarding and challenging. Trucept Inc. provides PEOs nationwide with consulting services including marketing, effective human resources management, IT Support, and many others.

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Trucept Inc., a publically traded company, is the marketing and advising arm of several nationally known Professional Employer Organizations. Trucept facilitates sales for PEOS and provides a wide variety of consultation services, so that you are able to focus on growing your PEO business:

• Management

• Human resources
• Accounting
• Performance management and counseling
• IT Support
• Harassment and discrimination training
• Finance
• Client retention
• Sales consulting
• Onboarding and orientation practices


Who We Are

Trucept helps Professional Employer Organizations, firms that provides a service under which an employer can contract out employee management tasks, such as employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation, recruiting, risk/safety management, and training and development. The PEO does this by hiring a client company’s employees, thus becoming their employer of record for tax purposes and insurance purposes. This practice is known as co-employment.


Norman Tipton

Trucept is headed by CEO Norman Tipton, a native of San Diego. For the past 10 years, he has been Vice President and General Counsel of Trucept Inc. Since 2007, Tipton has been an advisor to several publicly traded companies’ boards, including Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc. and Dalrada Financial Corp. In 2013, he joined the Board of Directors of Trucept Inc.
Tipton has previously held management positions at SAIC, a Fortune 500 defense industry company, as well as, was the Human Resources Manager at the San Diego Union-Tribune, where he managed labor negotiations and relations.
He attended San Diego State University, where he received his Master’s Degree in Sociology and his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Tipton, a member of the California Bar, is a cum laude graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.